The Stalker

Direct by Giorgio Amato


Lucio Melillo is a man obsessed with the fear of losing his former partner, Nadia, he is still paying the mortgage of the flat she is living in with their eight-year-old daughter, Adele. Therefore he starts persecuting Nadia to convince her to give him another chance and rekindle their romance. But now Nadia has a relationship with another man and has no intention of going back with Lucio.

Instead, when they are in front of the judge for the hearing on the custody of their daughter, her lawyer does everything he can to remove any right from Lucio. Lucio, who works at the operating unit of a private security institute, is approached by a colleague who has his same family condition and proposes to rob the safety vault, where valuables vans deposit several million Euro in the evenings and then escape to the Maldives. This is a very easy plan to implement and it does not involve major risks.

But Lucio is a man of solid principles and tells his colleague to leave him alone. Only when the judge removes the custody of his daughter, does Lucio understand that his life is definitely ruined. He then decides to accept his colleague’s proposal to rob the safety vault. However, his plan does not include an escape to the Maldives, rather what he wants is to keep a promise he made to his daughter.

  • Cast: Alessia Moore, Cosetta Turco, Elèna Tchepeleva, Giulia Gualano, Marco Bonini, Victor Alfieri, Vincenzo Peluso
  • Year: 2014
  • Genre: Thriller
  • Duration: 92 Min
  • BW/Color: Color
  • Production: Red Carpet


  • Trailer duration: 01:14 min