“Puffins Impossible” follows the adventures of four Puffins superheroes: Tic, Tac, Didi and Pie. Helped by their mentor
Johnny Puff, the Puffins defend Taigasville from the mean walrus engineer Otto von Walrus and his wicked deeds.
When the Puffins accidentally touch the surface of a meteorite, their happy life in Taigasville changes forever. The four get super powers: the determined Didi, active and a little catty, becomes Didi Damage and speed is her super power. This allows her to have a look at the future; the energic Pie, strong and a little clumsy, becomes Megapie and she is incredibly strong. This allows her to run, swim and fly relentlessly; the bespectacled Tac, wise and smart, becomes Tactik, and he is able to perform very hard calculations and handle all technological instruments; the flighty Tic, sensitive and pure, becomes Mystic, and he is able to communicate naturally and sense dangers, thanks to his extraordinary empathy.
The superheroes team is led by the extravagant Johnny Puff, that becomes Silent Sparrow, a ninja that is the mentor and the leader of the group, being gifted with mystic musical sensitivity. The funny team fights the evil plans of Dr. Otto von Walrus, the mean walrus engineer that, in his secret cave of the stronghold, is always busy inventing something that ends up turning up against him.

“Puffins” spin off