Dopo quella notte

Direct by Giovanni Galletta


Francesco, Elena, Roberto, Flavia, Tommaso, Virginia: a steady and close-knit company in the past three years; from Rome and of a good family. Elena and Francesco are about to get married. Roberto and Flavia love each other with the impetus of youth. Tommaso and Virginia are two singles (he is homosexual) and share a sense of eternal conflict with the world. But on a damn Saturday night, leaving the disco, Francesco sits behind the driving wheel even if he has drunk too much… none of his friends is clear minded enough to stop him… he dies in a car accident.

The group is shocked by the tragedy. Someone decides to not leave home, someone else to run away, someone instead bets everything on a new romantic relationship. Someone is unable to do anything but throw themselves away. Everyone is completely lost, before finding, just when everything seemed compromised forever, a new way to lead. Life succeeds in surprising each one, some of whom receives unexpected help from Father Daniele, Francesco’s uncle, who lost his faith and left the church after his nephew’s passing.

  • Cast: Maurizio Mattioli, Lucrezia Piaggio, Francesca Ferrazzo, Emanuela Aurizi, Andrea Iervolino, Lou Bellucci, Cosetta Turco, Gaia Bulferi Bulferetti, Niccolò Tiberi, Alessia Fabiani, Andrea Tommasini, Antonella Ponziani, Veronica Bruni, Rosa Pianeta, Enrico Lo Verso, Serena Grandi, Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Antonio Vianelli
  • Year: 2009
  • Genre: Drammatico
  • Duration: 100 min
  • BW/Color: Color
  • Production: Merier Production


  • Trailer duration: 0:33 min