ILBE presents Paradox Effect and honors talent with “Breakout Actor of the year Award”

October 30, 2023

  • Oliver Trevena, star of the film “Paradox Effect” together with Olga Kurylenko and Harvey Keitel, was honored during a special screening of the latest ILBE production;
  • The film will be distributed in theaters by Tatatu.

In the beautiful setting of Alice nella Città, which hosted Paradox Effect, a film produced by ILBE, Oliver Trevena was honored as “Breakout Actor of the year” on the stage of the Auditorium della Conciliazione. Also present were director Scott Weintrob and part of the film’s cast along with producers Andrea Iervolino and Monika Bacardi.

The award ceremony was held at a special screening of “Paradox Effect” action movie directed by Scott Weintrob starring Olga Kurylenko with Alice Astons, Annie Bezekian and Harvey Keitel, as part of the 21st edition of Alice nella Città, an autonomous and parallel section of the Rome Film Festival.

An award, this one, that embodies ILBE’s values always seeking and promoting new talent.

“‘We are proud to present this award to an artist of the highest caliber such as Oliver Trevena in the setting of Alice nella Città, a landmark event in Italian cinema.”– Andrea Iervolino, CEO of ILBE, comments. “We are confident that together with Oliver we can continue to promote and enhance talented actors still unknown to the world star system, just as we have always done”.

Monika Bacardi continues: “Oliver has shown great talent in Paradox Effect, a film that reflects all the classic canons of the action movie by bringing to the attention of international audiences the value of the Italian territory, in this case Apulia, and the people who are part of it, in line with our mission to tell engaging stories that, starting from Italy, can captivate audiences internationally.”

Paradox Effect brings to the big screen the life of Karina (Kurylenko), a woman forced to confront Silvio (Keitel), a dangerous gangster who has kidnapped her young daughter, Lucy. To increase her chances of success, Karina teams up with Covek (Trevena), a corrupt Interpol agent.

Produced by ILBE, Iervolino & Lady Bacardi Entertainment, Paradox Effect was written by Samuel Bartlett, Andrea Iervolino and Ferdinando Dell’Omo. Red Sea Media will handle the film’s sales and international distribution.



Estranged from her daughter because of a past drug addiction, Karina is doing everything she can to become the mother she needs to be. With double shifts and late nights, Karina has been preparing for weeks for her daughter Lucy’s visit, doing everything she can to make things as easy as possible. But one evening, just as she is leaving work, Karina hears the shot of a silent gun and a body crashing against heavy glass. Looking up, she crosses paths with the man who pulled the trigger, standing in front of her kill and a briefcase. After a chase, Karina is caught. Having seen her face, the killer holds Karina at gunpoint and orders her to do whatever she needs to do during the long night. Karina gets to know Covek, a ruthless killer with his silenced gun, but who hides a mystery behind his relentless pursuit of the man who took something from him. The mastermind behind it all is crime boss Silvio, who uses his vicious gangsters and his wit to force Covek and Karina on a journey against time. Their choice involves two alternatives: give the crime boss what he wants in exchange for the lives of those they love, or decide to end their night in a bloody attempt at revenge.

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