November 22, 2022

  • The film “LAMBORGHINI – The man behind the legend,” produced by Andrea Iervolino and Monika Bacardi and Lambo Film, in executive produced by ILBE and Notorious Pictures, is the second most viewed film on Apple TV U.S. in the “drama” category.
  • After its world premiere at Alice nella Città, a stand alone section of the Rome Film Festival, the film will arrive in Italy in January 2023 thanks to Prime Video.

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Rome, 21 November 2022 – “Lamborghini – The man behind the legend” conquers U.S. audiences during the first weekend since its U.S. release. The film, produced by Andrea Iervolino and Monika Bacardi, is the second most viewed film on the Apple TV U.S. streaming platform in the “Drama Film” category and the fourth most-viewed film overall.

The film, which tells the life story of entrepreneur Ferruccio Lamborghini produced by Lambo Film, in executive by ILBE and Notorious Pictures with the collaboration of Prime Video, arrived Nov. 18 in U.S. theaters and on Apple TV. Italian audiences, on the other hand, will be able to see it on Prime Video in January 2023.

“The excellent result recorded in these first days confirms that the international public appreciates and wants to know more and more about the beautiful stories of Made in Italy entrepreneurship,” Andrea Iervolino, CEO of ILBE Iervolino & Lady Bacardi Entertainment, comments. “From Ferruccio Lamborghini and Enzo Ferrari, ILBE is trying to export Italian genius abroad and show today’s young people that passion and perseverance can succeed in turning any dream into reality.”

“LAMBORGHINI – The man behind the legend” was written and directed by Academy Award® winner Bobby Moresco and stars Frank Grillo (Captain America: Civil War), Mira Sorvino (Oscar winner for The Goddess of Love), Gabriel Byrne (Golden Globe for In Treatment) and Hannah Van Der Westhuy (Fate – The Winx).

The film tells the story of the man behind the legend by delving into the mind and emotions of a visionary genius. Alongside big international names, “LAMBORGHINI – The man behind the legend” also involved Italian actors and talent, such as, among many others, Romano Reggiani, Fortunato Cerlino, and rapper Clemente Maccaro, aka Clementino. Again, in the role of Tonino Lamborghini, Lorenzo Viganò, and in that of a young Tony Renis, Giovanni Antonacci (son of Biagio Antonacci and grandson of Gianni Morandi), as well as Matteo Leone and Francesca Tizzano.

A choice related to the desire to enhance the domestic film industry as well.


Set in the postwar period, “LAMBORGHINI – The man behind the legend” brings an all-Italian story to the screen: not only the life of the historic founder of the famous tractor manufacturer and later carmaker, but also the well-known rivalry with Enzo Ferrari, and the story of 1950s Italy, a country engaged in the complex transition to a new industrialized modernity.


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