Cartoons on the Bay: ILBE presents three new animated feature films with Lucilla

May 29, 2023

  • “In Search of the Arctic Idol”, “A Stellar Adventure”, and “The Walrus Who Wanted Too Much” are the titles of the three new animated films premiered today at Cartoons On The Bay by ILBE, Iervolino & Lady Bacardi Entertainment;
  • Spin offs of “Puffins” and “Arctic Friends”, the films are narrated by the voice of Lucilla, a singer beloved by young children, hired through Red Carpet, controlled group by ILBE active in celebrity management.

 Pescara, June 1, 2023– At the North Pole, the adventures of the Arctic Friends, protagonists of the “Puffins” series, to whose protagonist Johnny Puff lent his voice and likeness to Johnny Depp, and “Arctic Friends,” respectively, continue.

Still battling the evil walrus Otto, the inhabitants of the Arctic are the protagonists of “In Search of the Arctic Idol” , “A Stellar Adventure“, and “The Walrus Who Wanted Too Much”, the three new feature films produced by Iervolino & Lady Bacardi Entertainment, spin offs of “Puffins” and “Arctic Fiends,” and presented today for their international premiere at Cartoons On The Bay, the international animation film festival organized by Rai Com and promoted by Rai. Also taking part in the festival will be ILBE Animation’s creative producer Giuseppe Squillaci, who will be at the side of Lucilla, narrator of the three films and a star beloved by the little ones, capable of engaging and thrilling the Cartoons On The Bay audience with her cheerfulness.

We are very proud to participate with these three new films of ours at Cartoons On The Bay, a high-level festival in its 26th year, which has established itself as an international benchmark for animated films.”Andrea Iervolino, CEO di Iervolino & Lady Bacardi Entertainment commented. “At ILBE, we strongly believe in the ability of film productions to convey values and messages, and thanks to the invaluable collaboration with Lucilla, a singer who can speak to young children as well, we want to raise awareness of highly topical issues such as equality, pollution and environmental protection.”

Stories woven with direct and profound messages, which, through comedy that can amaze and make children smile, turn the spotlight on the importance of diversity and the cross-cutting nature of environmental issues. In “In Search of the Arctic Idol”, the Arctic fox Swifty, the red fox Jade and the polar bear PB will be grappling with the mysterious and unpredictable explorer Indiana Goat, while in “A Stellar Adventure”, the puffins Johnny Puff, Didi, Pie, Tic and Tac return to the screen to rescue the quirky aliens Oxy and Toxy from the clutches of the evil walrus Otto, an inventor who wants to exploit their flying saucer for his own selfish and thoughtless purposes. Otto is also the antagonist of “The Walrus Who Wanted Too Much”, which once again sees the four puffins Tic, Tac, Didi and Pie fighting to protect their village, Tajgasville. Decisive in this case will be the special powers the protagonists gain after recklessly touching the surface of a mysterious meteorite, which transforms them into superheroes.

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