Arte Video (controlled by ILBE – Iervolino & Lady Bacardi Entertainment) awarded “PREFERRED” status by Apple iTunes, world leader in on-demand platforms

March 6, 2022

Arte Video is the only company certified by Apple for the Italian market that complies with the high quality and quantity parameters required by the PREFERRED standards

ILBE (Iervolino and Lady Bacardi Entertainment), a company engaged in the production of film and television content (Euronext Growth Milan – IT0005380602 – IE and Euronext Growth Paris – IT0005380602 – ALIE), announces that its wholly-owned subsidiary Arte Video is the first company in the Italian market to be awarded “Preferred” status by Apple iTunes, dedicated to technology partners with high standards. This status is awarded based on a monthly rating determined from the quantity of films delivered, the absence of errors and the type of delivery.

Arte Video managed to meet all the required parameters, including a delivery of 100 titles per quarter, becoming the first Italian company to be certified by Apple iTunes.

Apple has certified approximately 90 companies as Encoding Houses, of which four have achieved PREFERRED status including Arte Video, along with Best & Original, Dicentia and Imagica, and 13 fall into the PREFERRED PLUS category, which meet even higher quantitative standards.

Arte Video’s next goal is to achieve Preferred Plus status, requiring 400 titles per quarter, a huge challenge for a company operating in the Italian market, which usually cannot support such a high delivery rate.

Now that it has earned Preferred status, Arte Video has set itself the ambitious goal of targeting foreign markets, including the United States, leveraging the status newly acquired from Apple iTunes, an expansion strategy that is already taking form with the opening of offices in Pasadena, California, and a new branch in London.

 Arte Video is a company specialised in the development of projects in the field of film and video post-production, authoring for DVD and Blu-ray and encoding for VOD, web and multimedia platforms using the most advanced technologies available on the market.

The company is the official centre for Apple iTunesGooglePlaySony Entertainment, AmazonDisney+Microsoft, TaTaTu and Rakuten for Italy, and is certified by the American giants for video encoding (Apple’s only Preferred Encoding House in Italy). It also has a direct connection to the relevant servers and does not rely on third parties to deliver the processed packages. In addition to the companies mentioned above, it can offer delivery of the iTunes package to Rai, Chili TV, TimVision, Infinity, RTI, Sky, Nexo+, Vodafone, Mubi, ITsArt, The Film Club and others.

Andrea Iervolino, founder and President of ILBE, commented: “I am very proud of Arte Video’s achievements and this recognition by a company like Apple. The post-production business has been a key part of ILBE’s growth strategy, allowing us to acquire new technical skills and reach an even broader customer base. This recognition rewards the company’s commitment and our ambition to further expand into new international markets”.

Giuseppe Tissino, CEO of Arte Video, adds: “The recognition we have received is the result of years of technological innovation, quality of service and customer care. The credit must be shared with the whole team, as the technology – even if it is the most advanced – is not sufficient on its own. The recognition goes to everyone from those who enter the orders to those who manage the materials, from those who prepare and post the audio/video assets to those who produce the graphics and perform quality control and finally from those who create the packages and programming for the platforms to those who execute the delivery and archiving. Only a highly qualified team can achieve these kinds of results”.

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