What we do

The first short content format production is the web animation series Arctic Friends (link on the production page), spin-off of the American animation movie Arctic Dogs, starring voice actors such as Jeremy Renner, James Franco, Anjelica Huston, John Cleese, Heidi Klum, Omar Sy. In Italy, Stefano De Martino, Stefano Fresi, Vinicio Marchioni  and Ambra Angiolini lend their voices to these nice pets.

The spin-off of the movie Arctic Friends, Puffins (link on the production page), comes later, starring Johnny Deep as lead actor. He lends his image to the rock star and group leader of the Atlantic puffins, Johnny Puff, that has invented a new language for the series.

The spin-off of Puffins, Baby Puffins & Bunny (link on the production page) is in production and it is a pre-school story that follows the adventures of a sweet rabbit in a Puffins family.

Besides, 60’’ vertical format movies and three animation feature movies.