Christmas Thieves

Director Francesco Cinquemani


We are back at Liam and Olivia’s place, the two children of Christmas Thieves. It’s Christmas time: their parents Peter and Emma are on their way to the mall to buy their presents. And the children? To look after Liam and Olivia come the “uncles” Frank and Vince, of course! Just in time to console Olivia, terrified after Liam tried a challenge on her “who scares the other in the dark”. In fact, Liam wants to show his older companions that he is “one of them” and the challenges are the way to be accepted. But Olivia doesn’t help her. Liam would like an older brother to share his passions with him … instead he finds himself a little sister and much smaller! The little girl is hysterical and, under influence, she sees witches and monsters everywhere and doesn’t want to be in the dark! How to do?

Suddenly she hears a loud bang on the front door. Frank and Vince go to the door in alarm and find an old woman passed out. It is not known what happened: there is nothing or nobody around there, except for an old broom. Frank wants to take her inside and rescue her but Vince doesn’t trust her. In the end common sense prevails and the old woman is welcomed into the house between the excitement of Liam who can put into practice the notions of first aid learned from the boy scouts and the aversion of Olivia who is convinced she is a witch!


Michael Madsen

Tom Arnold

Lorenzo Mcgovern Zaini

Mia McGovern Zaini