Baby Puffins & Bunny


A small house in the cold heart of the Arctic preserves the warmth of a cheerful and affectionate family, the Jipo & Puffins family. Jipo the bunny, lively and very determined, is the hero of the stories: he lives together with the four Puffins and the bear P.B. playing the role of dad, but also uncle, mum and nanny! The five puppies love and respect him, as they love each other (despite some small misunderstandings). The adventures of Jipo & Puffins are joyful, fun and full of small great discoveries.

“Puffins” spin off

  • Series director: Giuseppe Squillaci

  • Directed by: Giulia Infurna, Franco Bianco e Primo De Santis

  • Cast Voice: Johnny Depp in the role of Johnny Puff

  • Voice Over: TBD