The incredible adventures of Puffins come to life in an animated full-length movie full of action, humor and positive messages on environmental awareness and diversity. Johnny Puff, Didi, Pie, Tic and Tac come back to the screen, stronger than ever, to save the extravagant aliens Oxy and Toxy from the clutches of the evil inventor Otto, that wants to exploit their flying saucer for his selfish and reckless purposes.

The Puffins, heroes of our story, live in harmony and play together in their clubhouse. Despite their peculiar and distinctive traits, they get along well as diversity is their strength; in fact, each of them has a special talent that helps them face and solve every situation. Diversity will be also represented by Oxy and Toxy, two aliens Puffins that will make friends with our Puffins friends. 

“Puffins” spin off