Intellectual Property Rights

In 2013, The President and CEO of ILBE, Andrea Iervolino, entered for the first time the animation Industry in Canada, as one of the producers of the animation movie Arctic Dogs. The movie received a great success on the streaming platforms over the world, such as Netflix US, ranking as the third most watched movie and being on top of the list for its family content, during the first week of screening.

Since the acquisition of the intellectual property rights of the characters of this movie, 13 spin-off movies have been produced, such as Arctic Friends, Puffins and Baby Puffins & Bunny. They used famous and successful IPs and a 3D CGI animation quality, normally adopted by independent producers in feature movies produced for movie theaters. Like in the case of Puffins, IPs and internationally recognized actors, like Johnny Depp, gave a value added to a high- quality product, thanks to a unique and innovative pipeline.

Up to date, the group’s animation productions, realized by Italian artists, are distributed in 85 Countries in the World. Puffins is also available on DeaKids channel and on demand on Sky Italia.